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PowerCranks, What do they do?

PowerCranks take training and rehabilitation to a whole new level. They allow the athlete to do more than was ever possible before. This one tool will allow the user to:
1. Train important muscles you have been missing
2. Ensure your muscles are balanced
3. Improve running and cycling speed
4. Improve running and cycling technique
5. Reduce risk of injury
6. Improve training time management
7. Improve rehab after injury or surgery
8. Increase your VO2max
9. Plyometrics without the injury risk
10. Other possible health improvements
No other training tool does all of this.

PowerCranks, How do they do it?

PowerCranks are simply independent bicycle cranks. This means one leg cannot help the other and in order to pedal the bike one cannot simply relax on the back stroke but must actively raise the pedal using your hip flexor and hamstring muscles. This simple change ensures that your leg muscles will become balanced right and left and that you will be training additional muscles important to well-being and athletic performance, ensuring your muscles will also be balanced fore/aft.

PowerCranks, who will they help?

PowerCranks will help almost any athlete who uses his legs in his sport or activity but most especially those athletes who are injured or have a history of repeated injury. The list of Olympic, World, and National champions in cycling, triathlon, and running, who have used the product in training is extensive (see list) plus a wide variety of University and professional teams (see list) have adopted the tool for performance enhancement, injury prevention, rehab, or all of these.

Training currently "missed" muscles?

The two big muscle groups that PowerCranks add to those currently being trained are the hip flexors (the iliopsoas) and the hamstrings. Another muscle that is trained is the tibialis anterior, which dorsiflexes the ankle (pulls the foot up)

Insuring muscle balance?

Because the cranks are not connected, a strong leg cannot assist a weaker one. This means that if you are riding both legs at the same time, trying to do the same amount of work, the weaker leg is being stressed more and it will respond to this stress and eventually become the equal of the stronger leg. This same principle holds for the fore/aft muscles. The pushing leg cannot help the pulling muscles on the back stroke. As one trains these muscles will become the equivalent of the pushing muscles.

Improved running and cycling speed/technique?

They improve both of these activities because they "force" the user to develop the muscles and coordination that contribute to better technique for both of these activities. Click on the links for a more detailed explanation for cycling or running.

Reduced risk of injury?

Most non-contact injuries are related to muscle imbalances in the legs and poor coordination. PowerCranks help with both of these aspects. Further, they are non-impact so they allow the serious athlete to increase the overall intensity of their workouts without increasing the "pounding" to their bodies.

Improved time management?

PowerCranks by doing more for the athlete in the same amount of time really help the athlete to get more for the time they have to give. Triathletes expecially benefit because now they can see running benefit while riding their bike. This gives them the option of taking some time away from their running and adding it to either the bike or swim training, depending upon where they will see the biggest advantage.

Rehab after injury or surgery?

PowerCranks force the user to use the injured leg in a coordinated manner. On a regular bike if the bad leg hurts the rider can simply let the good leg do all the work. One is spending time making the legs go around and doing almost nothing to facilitate getting that bad leg to become the equal of the good leg again. Also, after Further, for the athlete, he is maintaining his/her running or cycling mechanics even though not running or cycling, per se.

Increase VO2max?

Vo2 max is related to how much muscle the athlete is using in an aerobic manner. PowerCranks force the user to train additional muscle into aerobic muscles and trains them to allow incorporation of these muscles into their sport. Part of the increase in the cycling power that users see is most likely coming from increasing VO2 max.


Plyometric exercises are typically thought of as "jumping" exercises. But, what they really are are exercises that train the muscles, connective tissue, and nervous system to effectively carry out the stretch-shortening cycle trying to focus on proper technique and body mechanics. Plyometrics are an effective way of improving athletic performance but they also carry substantial risk of injury. PowerCranks can be used as a substitute for standard plyometric exercise and as a base to prepare the athlete for the more explosive exercises such that they should be able to be performed with reduced risk of injury.

Other health benefits?

Users have reported to us that they have seen improvement in symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
It may sound funny but there is an actual theoretical reason why this might occur and we were first informed of this possibility by a customer who was a urologist, a specialty that deals with this condition all the time, so he should know, right? Anyhow, it turns out that erections are caused by the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing the muscles that control blood flow to the penis. It also turns out that the parasympathetic nervous system is distributed differently than the usual nerves, in that it is distributed along the blood vessels and not in the normal nerves and it is not very well localized. And, it turns out that the blood vessel that supplies the penis is very close to the blood vessel that supplies the hip flexor (iliopsoas) muscle. Parasympathetic stimulation of regular muscle helps it to relax. We see this when we train in the heart as increase parasympathetic stimulation causes the heart to relax better, increasing stroke volume, and decreasing the resting heart rate. So, as we better exercise the hip flexor muscles it is just possible that this might lead to better parasympathetic innervation of the penis, and better erections, explaining what has been reported to us. So, even though it might seem like we are snake oil salesmen, claiming that this one product can make you cycle faster, run faster, avoid injury, better rehab from injury, and have better erections, it turns out that there is a theoretical explanation to all of these outcomes. :-)

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